Why Natural Food is a Good Choice for You and the Environment


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Nevertheless, the vast majority of products at your grocery store are often associated with a number of different hidden costs. At Nature’s Path, we believe in the power of organics and have compiled a list of reasons we believe organics will help you on your path to becoming happier and healthier.

1. Keeps GMOS out of Your Food
Natural certification not only guarantees that the food is free of harmful chemicals but also guarantees it is non-GMO. Best of all, GMOs are often designed to be used in combination with a single harmful chemical such as Roundup or Agent Orange. That’s why organic shopping is against the big chemical companies that pollute the world’s food and fields.

2. Natural Farming Creates Healthy Soil
Just as your grocery store choices determine your health, they determine the health of the planet. Non-natural foods are sprayed with highly toxic chemicals that kill everything but the crops, including the organisms plants, need to grow and enrich the soil with nutrients. When these organisms are killed, they are replaced with… you guessed it, synthetic fertilizers are made from more toxic chemicals.

3. Organic matter does not limit the growth of hypermanifolds (explanation below!)
Nature always adapts. Even if we spray chemicals to kill bugs, they just grow and adapt to overcome the horrible toxins we use to kill them. It continues to grow and adapt until we can no longer control it.The toxins we use eventually become ineffective and plants and pests become more harmful. Natural Farming

4. Supports Pollinators
Herbicides and pesticides do not distinguish between good and bad insects, they kill them all. A certain level of biodiversity must be conserved for life to exist on Earth. This includes everything from the largest mammals to the smallest insects. Natural farming practices healthy farming techniques aimed at maintaining the required level of biodiversity.

5. Natural products support healthier farm lifestyles and communities

Unlike non-natural practices, natural products keep toxins out of the air, water, and soil. Farmers aren’t exposed to herbicides and pesticides all day long. Also, buying at the market where the food is grown reduces transportation costs and emissions.

6. Natural foods are often more nutritious
Natural foods get their nutrients directly from healthy, rich organic soil. If the soil is healthy, no fertilizer is needed. Non-organic plants get their nutrition from synthetic fertilizers made from fossil fuels. Years of not replenishing the soil with the organic matter have forced farmers to add synthetic fertilizers. This leads to nutrient-poor plants growing from the same thing that powers our cars.

7. Natural products are not usually grown in monocrops
Planting a single crop over a large area (aka monocropping) crop leaves are much more likely to be eradicated by a single disease or insect. Farmers are forced to spray chemicals that completely kill everything but their crops. As a result, this crop contains chemicals that should not be ingested by humans. Many different plants attract many different insects. They all work in harmony to promote healthy plants and soil. (Read Lessons from Ireland’s Potato Famine.)

8. Natural Food is often More Flavourful

Just as the meat of a stressed animal is not as tasty and tender as the meat of a relaxed animal (heard we’re actually vegetarians!), stressed crops taste it not. As good as one easily grown plant. Plants that have to dig deep to find the nutrients they need are stressed and unable to use their energy to grow fruit. end up in Whether the chemical permeates through the soil into the underlying aquifer. Blown into a nearby river or lake. Or simply dive into the ocean after it rains. The toxins sprayed into our food are meant to kill, and they do it everywhere.

9. Natural farming doesn’t cost taxpayers millions of dollars
Farming is no easy task There is none. The work is hard and the reward may be small. Maintaining large-scale non-natural farming, which is very expensive, requires the distribution of millions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies. Plus, the impact of non-biological practices needs to be addressed…there are millions more for cleanup, recovery, and public health. Millions (maybe billions) of taxpayers of money are being used to do very questionable work to cause a big mess and clean it up. Red flags? Say yes.

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